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A2 Hosting
A2 Hosting
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This is an A2 Hosting Review. A2 Hosting was founded in 2001 under the name “Iniquinet”, moving to the name we know today in 2003 in recognition of the founder’s hometown in Michigan. A2Hosting, as a web hosting company, is a rising star amongst the other well-known players in the market, such as Green Geeks and Hostinger. They provide the expected high-quality services that any website owner demands, including a few extra benefits that I will list below. 

A2Hosting General Info

SPEED:622 ms
SUPPORT:24/7 support
BANDWIDTH:Unlimited Bandwidth
STORAGE: Unlimited Storage Space
SITE TRANSFER:Free Site Migration
MONEY BACK POLICY30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Advantages of A2 Hosting :

A2 Hosting is a well-regarded web hosting company known for several key advantages that make it a popular choice among users. Here are some notable aspects to consider if you’re writing about A2 Hosting:

Speed and Performance: A2 Hosting is renowned for its emphasis on speed. They use SSDs (Solid State Drives) and their own turbo servers to ensure fast loading times, which is crucial for SEO and user experience.

Uptime Reliability: They offer a 99.9% uptime commitment, which is a crucial factor for websites, ensuring that they are almost always accessible to users.

Customer Support: Known for its “Guru Crew Support,” A2 Hosting provides 24/7 customer support. Their team is highly knowledgeable and assists with various issues, from technical difficulties to general inquiries.

Security Features: A2 Hosting provides robust security measures, including free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates, dual firewalls, and regular scans for malware and viruses.

Developer-Friendly Environment: They support a range of programming languages and tools, which is great for web developers. This includes PHP, Ruby, Python, and more, offering flexibility for different development needs.

Green Hosting: A2 Hosting is environmentally conscious, with a “Green Hosting” initiative that includes carbon offsetting, recycling old hardware, and using energy-efficient servers.

Flexible Plans: They offer a variety of hosting plans, including shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, and reseller hosting, catering to different needs and budgets.

Free Site Migration: A2 Hosting offers free site migration, which is a significant advantage for users looking to switch from another hosting service.

Money-Back Guarantee: They offer an “Anytime Money Back Guarantee,” which gives users a risk-free opportunity to try their services.

Global Data Centers: With data centers located in various parts of the world, they provide a global reach, which helps in reducing latency and improving the overall speed for international users.

Downsides of A2 Hosting

Certainly, while A2 Hosting is recognized for its strengths, like any service, it also has certain limitations or downsides. When considering A2 Hosting, it’s important to be aware of these potential cons:

Pricing Strategy: A2 Hosting’s pricing can be somewhat higher than some of its competitors, especially for its turbo plans which offer the highest performance. Additionally, the lowest advertised prices often apply only to longer-term commitments, which might not be suitable for all users.

Renewal Rates: Like many hosting providers, A2 Hosting offers promotional pricing for the first term, but the renewal rates can be significantly higher. This is a common practice in the industry but can be a point of concern for budget-conscious users.

Limited Cheapest Plan: The most basic shared hosting plan has limitations in terms of the number of websites and databases you can have. Users with multiple sites might need to upgrade to a more expensive plan.

Domain Name Registration: Unlike some other hosting providers, A2 Hosting doesn’t include a free domain name registration with its hosting plans. This could add to the overall cost for those who don’t already own a domain.

Restrictions on Cheapest Plans: The lower-tiered plans may have restrictions on the number of CPU cores and physical memory available, which could impact the performance of more demanding websites.

Backup Limitations: While A2 Hosting provides free backups, there are limitations. For instance, the free service might not cover larger sites, and there might be restrictions on how often backups are performed.

Resource Allocation on Shared Hosting: On shared hosting plans, your site’s performance can be affected by other sites on the same server. This is a common issue with shared hosting in general, not just A2 Hosting.

Complexity for Beginners: Some beginners might find A2 Hosting’s control panel and wide array of options a bit overwhelming compared to more streamlined, beginner-focused hosting services.

No Windows Server Options in Shared Hosting: A2 Hosting’s shared hosting plans are based on Linux servers. Users who require Windows hosting have to opt for VPS or dedicated hosting plans, which are more expensive.

Data Center Locations: While A2 Hosting has several global data centers, they might not cover as many regions as some of the larger hosting companies, which could be a factor for sites targeting specific geographical locations.

A2Hosting Prices, Hosting Plans.

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Pros & Cons of Using A2 Hosting


  • CloudFlare Partner
  • Unlimited transfer and free site migration
  • SSD servers up to 20 times faster
  • Free automatic daily backups and Server Rewind tool
  • Money back guarantee at any time


  • High Premium Plans
  • Only the Turbo plan comes with faster 20x turbo servers and A2 Site Accelerator
  • Restrictions on Cheaper Plans


A2 Hosting offers a lot of diversity in the types of plans and the various inclusions available. The plans can be used for a variety of purposes and you can manage your own site or have A2Hosting gurus do it for you. It is already optimized for WordPress users when you open your account. Simple to use and great customer service, especially if you are new to hosting.

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